Card And Payment Solutions AB

We are a vendor-independent company that provides solutions and expertise in the area of ​​cards and payments. Card And Payment Solutions AB, or informally CAPSAB, has served in cards and payments for more than 12 years.

We assist clients to develop and improve new products, services and production concepts.  CAPSAB has a strong competence with employees with many years of experience from former roles as consultants or permanent positions within the finance, card and payment areas.

Working with CAPSAB is simple and uncomplicated and our deliveries are characterized by security and quality awareness. In our development we continuously follow what is going on in the market and ensures that this will benefit our customers.

Clients in the card and payment markets working with CAPSAB in Sweden and the Nordics get access to a unique competence within technology, business and regulations.


Reg no : 556858 – 4410                                             CEO: Carina Carlström




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